Let Press Color’s team of staff assist you, whether it is supplying your daily consumables, to a project specific need.  Our catalog of inks, fountain solution, coatings, and print blankets is only part of your total solution.   Our service is the rest.

  • Conventional Process Sheetfed
    Press Color Inc (PCI) has developed and manufactured the following inks for your sheetfed applications.  Please contact us with any further questions.

    • Ares – An excellent work horse process ink series with very good gloss and oxidative drying characteristics.
    • Ares Zero Plus – Virtually a zero VOC ink with very low migration. Phenol free, zero mineral oil, and low water uptake for a fast start up.
    • Aurora – Excellent transferability, stable at high printing speeds, quick set and drying time with good rub resistance.
    • Cylus – Offers a wide color gamut, suitable for instances when reduced ink film weights or increased print density is required. Intending for high speed and high-end printing
    • Lexa – An excellent all-round process ink series with exceptional gloss and oxidative drying characteristics. Ideal for matte stocks.  Formulated to meet customer demands.
    • Exclusive Supplier of K&E ® Inks
  • Napkin Letterpress
    Press Color Inc (PCI) manufacturers napkins letterpress inks that are low odor, press stable, with excellent resistance that meets your needs.  Please contact us for additional information.
  • Energy-Curable Inks
    Press Color Inc (PCI) has a wide variety of Energy-Curable inks for a variety of substrates and applications including:

    • Ultra Violet (UV) Curable Lamps
    • HUV
    • LED
  • Additional Ink Series We Offer
    In addition to our sheetfed line of inks that can be utilized for other printing applications, PCI has also developed a variety of inks:

    • All Purpose – Specialty formulated to meet customer demands. Add driers, color strength, gloss.
    • Cold Web Offset “Forms” – High color strength, fast set and drying. Excellent for fast converting.
    • Davinci Blends – This ink series displays impressive sharpness, high gloss, quick set speeds, and dries hard on paper. These benefits make it perfect for post print stacking and rapid further processing.
    • Heatset Blends, including metallics & fluorescents
    • Plastic Ink Series – Designed for plastic substrates with excellent adhesion, gloss, fade resistance, and high cover strength for fast start up.

Press Color Inc (PCI) manufacturers and supplies coating solutions for a variety of substrates and projects. PCI supplies and has developed the following coatings for your pressroom needs:

CoatingAqueous Coating Description
PSG 1009 - W/B Gloss CoatingFormulated for paper and board substrates for packaging and commercial use
PSG 1010 - Gloss W & TWork & Turn
PSG 1011 - Gloss Multi-PurposeMulti-Purpose
PSG 1012 - High Gloss W & THigh Gloss Work & Turn
PSG 1013 - Fast Drying GlossExtremely fast drying gloss
PSG 2009 - W/B Satin CoatingFormulated for paper and board substrates for packaging and commercial use
PSG 2011 - Nonstreak SatinNon streak satin.
PSG 3009 - W/B Dull CoatingFormulated for paper and board substrates for packaging and commercial use
PSG 3010 - Nonstreak DullNon streak dull
PSG 9001 - Ultra GlossUltra-high gloss
PCI Aqueous High SlipGreat gloss and high rub

Press Color Inc (PCI) is also a proud supplier of NiCoat® coatings.

Fountain Solution

PCI has developed a non-hazardous, non-toxic fountain solutions that works great on most offset and duplicating presses; as well as heat set and cold set presses. These fountain solutions are:

Formula NameFormula Type
FC3 (A) - FC3 (C+)- A sheet fed, heat set, and cold set solution formulated for presses without catalytic converters.
- Run less water and less ink to produce a clean, sharp image with improved gloss and drying time.
- Ideal for jobs that will be UV coated since there are no glycols (alcohol substitutes) which could inhibit the curing and adhesion process.
FC3 (A) - Tec 2076- A sheet fed formulation similar to FC3 (C+) but formulated for very wide presses where the need for maximum waste distribution is necessary while being able to keep the water speed down.
- Offers better water control overall.
FC3 (A) - Tec 2077- A web offset solution formulated for your press. Web printers can safely use this fountain solution with catalytic converters.
- Works on all types of presses, dampening systems and various substrates.
- Developed to work with all press speeds and any available water source.
Pro Chem 1- A one step fountain solution for sheetfed presses that can be used for a variety of dampening systems.
- Compatible with conventional, hyrbrid, and UV inks.
- Effective at low dosages
Pro Chem 2- A two step fountain solution with an alcohol substitute designed for continuous and integrated dampeners.
- Highly recommended for Dahlgren-type dampeners.

Press Side Additives

Press Color Inc (PCI) prides itself on manufacturing press ready inks, however, certain circumstances may arise where press side additives are desired. PCI manufacturs the follow press side additives:

  • Body gums “viscosity builders”
  • Tack reducers
  • Oxidative drier additives
Press Room Supplies

Press Color Inc (PCI) provides a variety of Press Room Supplies for your press room needs, from press wash to blanket wash, please contact your sales representative or visit us in the Contact Us portion of the web page.

Print and Coating Blankets

Press Color Inc (PCI) has various blanket suppliers, including Vulcan, Rollin, Printech, Fujikura, and Conti. Our most popular blankets PCI converts include:

Blanket NameInk CompatibilityThicknessHardnessCompressibility
Blanket ColorAdditional Information
Fuji FIT 10Conventional0.067/0.07779 – Shore A192BlueHigh quality sheetfed for high-end printing.
Printec 284Conventional0.07774-Shore A120BlueDual compressible layer. Exceptional quality sheetfed.
Printec 573/574Conventional0.067/0.07779-Shore A190/160BlueIdeal for folding carton, smash and edge cutting resistant.
Printec 863/864Conventional0.067/0.07778-Shore A130/150BlueIdeal for large format press. Durable for long runs.
Printec 875Conventional0.10073-Shore A-GreenWell rounded 5 ply blanket.
Rollin T100Conventional0.034/0.0355/0.037 0.039/0.041/0.04377-Shore A250GrayExceptional stickyback forms and envelope blanket
Fuji FIT WebHeatset / Coldset0.067/0.07782 – Shore A152BlueDurable, exceptional release
Printec 063/064Heatset0.067/0.07778 - Shore A120PurpleHigh print quality with exceptional release.
Fuji FS-70Hybrid0.067/0.07782 – Shore A167BlueSuperior anti-dust piling.
Conti Ruby CaratUV0.067/0.07778 – Shore A-RedExceptional print quality & durable, EPDM surface, extremely resistant compressible layer
Fuji FS-100UV0.067/0.07782 – Shore A167GrayMetal decoration.
Printec 333/334UV0.067/0.07779 – Shore A110/130OrangeIdeal for UV inks – paper & cardboard substrate
Rollin UV-EUV0.067/0.07778 – Shore A250GreenExceptional print quality, durable, true EPDM surface

Press Color Inc (PCI) can customize your coating blanket for any specific job you have. Among a handful of various coating blankets with almost any type of backing, our two most popular coating blankets are:

Blanket NameInk CompatibilityThicknessBlanket ColorHardnessAdditional Information
FP-75Aqueous0.067/0.077Blue82 – Shore AStickyback stripping blanket for coating
Printec 893/894Aqueous / UV0.067/0.077Cream75- Shore AStrippable blanket. Extremely cast surface providing for exceptional film coverage.